Eurolink Insurance celebrates 20 years from its establishing

Eurolink Insurance was established at the end of 2002 with only 13 employees and one office. The company very quickly grew into one of the most significant and largest insurance companies in the market. Recognized for its innovation, Eurolink continuously introduces novelties that shape and develop the Macedonian insurance market. From its beginnings until today, Eurolink Insurance has served more than 630.000 clients, has issued over 2,2 million insurance policies and has paid over 4,8 billion denars in claims to citizens and companies.

The company officially celebrated its 20th Anniversary in Skopje on November 9 together with over 700 guests, including employees, customers, members of the Supervisory Board and colleagues from sister companies from the GRAWE Group. Guests enjoyed a unique multimedia performance followed by live musical performances.

Mrs. Marija Tomeska, President of the Management Board of Eurolink Insurance, welcomed the guests on behalf of Eurolink and expressed her immense gratitude to all stakeholders who spared no effort and were enthusiastically committed to the development of Eurolink Insurance over the past 20 years.

“There are numerous successes that we have achieved together in 20 years. We started with an annual premium of only 80 million denars, and now we reach an annual premium of over 1.1 billion denars. The beginnings brought us 80 claims, and now we service more than 15.000 claims a year. We started as the smallest company with a market share of 2%, now we are the second largest company with a 12.3% market share.

The gratitude for these successes gives meaning to the past, brings peace to the present, and creates a vision for the future. We remain committed to improving the lives of everyone we touch, by finding the easiest new solutions for customer needs and the best caring attitude for the employees. We remain committed to your security for the next 200 years. We always stay by your side” – said Mrs. Tomeska in her speech.

Dr. Othmar Ederer, Chairman of the Board of GRAWE Vermögensverwaltung and Independent Member of the Supervisory Board of Eurolink Insurance, welcomed the guests on behalf of the GRAWE Group: “We are very happy to have become the owners of Eurolink almost 3 years ago and thus we managed to significantly expand and strengthen our market position in the Republic of North Macedonia. The cooperation worked extremely well from the very first moment and for this I want to thank the management team under the leadership of Mrs. Tomeska as well as all the employees. I would also like to thank all customers who continued to place their trust in Eurolink, even with the new owner GRAWE. Eurolink and GRAWE will do their best to continue to justify this trust” – said Dr. Ederer and thanked everyone who joined the celebration on the occasion of 20 years of Eurolink Insurance.