accident insurance

Financial resources cannot be a substitute for someone’s health or life, but they are necessary for quality care in the most difficult situations that we don’t even want to think about.

Accident Insurance provides compensation if the following unintended consequences occur:

  • Accidental death from accident;
  • Permanent disability due to accident;
  • Expenses for treatment due to accident;
  • Temporary incapacity for work (daily compensation) due to accident.

With certain types of Accident Insurance, the following risks can also be insured: the risk of death from illness, serious illnesses, rescue expenses, death from a traffic accident.

Find out more about the possibilities:

  • Collective insurance of workers against the consequences of an accident;
  • Insurance of household members of agricultural producers;
  • Combined pensioners insurance;
  • Insurance of persons during fire fighting and other rescue activities;
  • Insurance for members of cultural and artistic societies;
  • Pupils and students insurance;
  • Insurance for guests in hotels, motels, camps, bungalows, spas etc.;
  • Ensuring visitors to cultural-artistic, sports and other events;
  • Tourist and excursionist insurance;
  • Insurance of electricity, gas, etc. subscribers;
  • Insurance of magazine subscribers, savings investors etc.;
  • Insurance of dismantlers of mines, grenades and other explosive devices;
  • Insurance of stuntmen and persons participating in acrobatics and other dangerous scenes during filming from the consequences of an accident;
  • Insurance of persons during summer holidays, winter holidays and camping;
  • Insurance of students during swimming and skiing courses;
  • Insurance of chasers during hunting;
  • Insurance of divers;
  • Voluntary insurance for passengers in public transport;
  • Insurance of voluntary blood donors;
  • Insurance for members of a mountaineering association;
  • Insurance of members of hunting and fishing organizations.

Eurolink’s Accident Insurance is territorially and temporally unlimited and anyone aged 14 to 75, regardless of their profession and occupation, can become our insured.

Definition of an accident in accordance with the Insurance Terms:

An accident is any event that is sudden and independent of the insured’s will, which, acting from the outside and suddenly on the insured’s body, has as a consequence full and partial disability, temporary inability to work, health impairment that requires medical attention and death.

A person can be insured against an accident as an individual, as a family member and as a member of a group.

Contact the Insurance and Reinsurance Department and the Sales Department to professionally assess the risk to which your employees or members are exposed and offer the most adequate coverage with risks that provide protection.

* Permanent disability is considered a permanent, irreversible state of disruption of the normal function of a part of the body or an organ of the body according to the Table for determining the percentage of permanent disability.

** The insurer pays daily compensation in the amount agreed with the policy, for as many days as the inability to work lasted – the sick leave, but not more than 200 days in a year.

*** The insurer pays compensation for all necessary and actual costs of treatment according to the regulations of the Law on Compulsory Health Care.