EUROLINK Insurance Inc. Skopje is an insurance company incorporated in 2002 as a direct foreign investment, with a high share capital to the amount of € 3,200,000.

Until 2020, the sole shareholder was GOFI – Group of Finance & Investment SA.

In 2020, Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung AG (GRAWE Group) from Graz, Austria, an international company with a long insurance tradition, has become the sole shareholder, making EUROLINK Insurance part of this large international insurance family.

Our strategy is oriented towards continuous and long-term growth, simultaneously structuring a different insurance to fully satisfy our clients’ needs, designing improved offers of the existing and new insurance products.

Eurolink sustainable development is based on the social responsibility.
Eurolink Insurance is a social responsible business entity, which is in continuous interaction with the environment and is investing into the society, which it exists and operates in. The social responsibility program is constantly being implemented. Valid and unique segment of Eurolink insurance is the interaction it has with society in which it exists and operates. Being community responsible subject we have created the platform “Eurolink – your connection with the real values”. The platform is interesting various activities pastiche, covering segments of education, art and culture in RM.
The goal is better community, happy people, creativity development, engagement in the real sense of the word and active approach towards creating a better future. By implementing these activities Eurolink insurance strives to influence the preservation of these values in the long run, ones which a civilized community could not exist without – the love and respect of the past, caring for the future and building secure future. 

Eurolink Insurance launched operations on 2.12.2002 in Skopje, with 14 employees, who represented a combination of experience and youth, expertise and enthusiasm for work.

The first insurance policy was issued on February 26, 2003.

2003 – We were the first on the market to promote a new type of risk in collective accident insurance – insurance against serious diseases. In the same year, in just a few months, we developed the largest travel insurance distribution network through travel agencies in the country.

2005 – The first subsidiaries outside Skopje were opened in December 2005, in Bitola, Ohrid and Shtip, when the number of employees was already 48 and the market share was 6%.

2007 – We are the first on the market to introduce a new type of liability insurance for doctors and healthcare workers. In the same year, the accelerated growth of the Company began and in the next few years, 27 more subsidiaries and offices were opened, and the number of employees increased to 205.

2008 – Two new types of insurance – from professional liability and from liability for clinical trials.

2009 – By taking over the shares from the other founders, GOFI -Group of Finance & Investment SA becomes the sole shareholder of the Company.

In 2011, in less than nine years, Eurolink Insurance positioned itself in second place on the domestic insurance market, and the total capital position of the Company reached the level of 5.4 million euros, which represents an increase of 70% in relation to the initial share capital.

2012 – The first insurance company on the Macedonian insurance market that enabled the sale of its policies over the Internet.

2013/2014 until today – As a result of the growing recognition of the Company, the Macedonian public chose Eurolink Insurance as a Super Brand.

2015 – Eurolink insurance becomes the leader in the sale of private health insurance.

2016 – For the first time on the market in Macedonia, Eurolink is introducing Family Private Health Insurance.

2017 – Eurolink launches the first mobile application EurolinkOsiguruvanje on the Macedonian insurance market

2017 – second place on the non-life insurance market in Macedonia, with over 30 subsidiaries throughout Macedonia, about 250 employees, 300 alternative distribution channels (travel agencies, banks, car dealers, etc.).

2018 – We are the first on the market to start with the possibility of purchasing a vehicle registration policy online

2019 – We are the first on the market to introduce the possibility of online purchase of a private family health insurance policy

2020 – Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung AG (GRAWE Group), an international company with a long insurance tradition, becomes the sole shareholder, making Eurolink Insurance a part of this large international insurance family.

2021 – The first online insurance branch of Eurolink has been declared the most successful project in the category of innovation and wins the first place within the framework of the traditional annual group meeting of the management of the companies in the GRAWE group held in Graz.

2022 – The company celebrates 20 years of successful work on the Macedonian insurance market.

* * * * *   

From the very beginning, Eurolink Insurance fully implements the European directives in the field of insurance and IAIS (International Association of Insurance Supervisors) standards in customer service and service management, invests in constant professional development of employees, in the most sophisticated hardware and software technology, monitors and anticipates the development of the insurance market and incorporates the best world practices in its operations.
Eurolink will continue to be the bearer of innovative ventures that enrich the market with new products and new values, guided by our goal to be synonymous with success, trust and responsibility.


  • • Eurolink is the first insurance company on the Macedonian insurance market to establish “Eurolink 24”, a customer support center for policies and claims, available 24/7;
    • Eurolink Insurance is the first insurance company on the Macedonian insurance market that in 2012 enabled the sale of its policies via the Internet;
    • Eurolink insurance is the insurance company that first introduced a loyalty program for its customers;
    • The summer ballet school, the Figure Skating School, arrangement of a reading room and library in the “Goce Delchev” Student Dormitory, a walking tour of the cities “Map of Culture”, support of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, the festival “Ohrid Summer” and more many other activities are part of the social responsibility platform entitled “Eurolink – Your connection with real values”;
    • Eurolink Insurance is a company that invests in the development of the insurance market by investing in new technologies and marketing new products for the protection of businesses and citizens;
    • Eurolink insurance is the first insurance company to open an online branch for insurance, which made it possible to hold a meeting with insurance consultants via mobile phone or laptop; 

Key facts and figures about Eurolink Insurance 2022

We are committed to improving lives of our clients.

Providing the best quality services in the insurance domain, we meet the needs of the market we are operating in, thus assisting both individuals and companies to enhance their security and contributing to the welfare of the society as a whole.

Our philosophy of operations is founded on our deep faith in integrity and honesty helping us create relationships with our clients as well as our interpersonal relations based on dignity and respect. We invest in and grow together with human resources convinced that it is the well educated, permanently trained and satisfied employees that are the company’s best asset and  contribution to the benefit of the public in general.

We spare no efforts to be excellent. We prudently select risks and work one and all to achieve success, profitability and growth for the future. We are committed to improving our reputation as a company known by its user-friendliness, professionalism and way of working as well as by its profound, good quality and long-term consultative relationship with clients.

We aspire to be looked upon as an industry leader with respect to customer satisfaction, sales growth, financial power and profitability. 

Full name Eurolink Insurance Inc. – Skopje
Headquarters Pirinska Str. 23, 1000 Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia
Tax Number  4030002461596
Company Number  5702950
Registration date 21 November 2002 
Work permit  18-16582/6 from 11.11.2002г. issued by the Ministry of Finance of RM
Bank accounts
200000897208573 Stopanska banka
210057029500104 NLB Tutunska banka
270000002025538 Halkbank
300000002206592 Komercijalna banka
380101325530131 ProCredit banka
250010101722022 Sparkasse banka

Core business:

Non-life Insurance – all insurance classes

   01 – Осигурување од последици на несреќен случај – незгода
   02 – Здравствено  осигурување
   03 – Осигурување моторни возила (каско)
   04 – Осигурување шински возила (каско)
   05 – Осигурување воздухоплови (каско)
   06 – Осигурување пловни објекти (каско)
   07 – Осигурување стока во превоз (карго)
   08 – Осигурување имот од пожар и природни непогоди
   09 – Други осигурувања имот
   10 – Осигурување од одговорност од употреба нa моторни возила
   11 – Осигурување од одговорност од употреба на воздухоплови
   12 – Осигурување ододговорност од употреба на пловни објекти
   13 – Општо осигурување одговорност
   14 – Осигурување кредити
   15 – Осигурување гаранци
   16 – Осигурување финансиски загуби
   17 – Осигурување правна заштита
   18 – Осигурување туристичка помош

msc. marija tomeska
president of the management board

herman zip
deputy president of the management board, director of insurance and reinsurance department

irena velkoska spirovska
member of the management board, director of claims department

phd. maja bogdanovska – stojanoska, 

member of the management board, direcotr of finance department

msc. cvetko delev
member of the management board, assistant director of insurance and reinsurance department

borce poprizov
director of sales department

msc. snezana josifovska
director of it department

pavlina velkova
director of accounting department

angel nakovski
director of legal department

ivana popovska blazevska
director of hr department

msc. kalina sejfula
director of marketing and pr department

irena ilin
director of risk management divison

biljana popovska
internal audit





Pirinska 23, 1000 Skopje

Tel. +389 (0)2 3289 301

Fax: +389 (0) 2 3231 625

Working hours: 08-16 o’clock


+389 (0)2 15 888, +389 (0) 2 3289 399

Working hours: 00-24 o’clock

Sales Department

+389 (0)2 3289 360, 399, 316, 317


Insurance and Reinsurance Department

+389 (0)2 3289 306, 307, 321, 323, 339


Claims Department

+389 (0)2 3289 324, 329


+389 (0)2 3289 325, 326, 329, 346, 374


+389 (0)2 3289 313, 322, 336, 363, 387


+389 (0)2 3289 328, 341, 391


Finance Department

+389 (0)2 3289 310, 320, 356, 357, 373, 376, 389


Accounting Departments

+389 (0)2 3289 302, 303, 309, 348, 349, 381


Legal Department

+389 (0)2 3289 332, 333, 383, 390, 397



IT Department

+389 (0)2 3289 304, 340, 359, 380


HR Department

+389 (0)2 3289 311, 315, 334


Marketing and PR Department

+389 (0)2 3289 342



General Secretary

+389 (0)2 3289 331


Internal Audit

+ 389 (0)2 3289 353

After regular working hours, during the weekend and during national holidays, please contact EUROLINK 24.