Property insurance

Your business, whether it is in the sphere of production, trade or services, is the most valuable to you and must continuously function.

Managing a company is a challenging task that requires careful planning, organizing, leading and controlling in day-to-day operations. Every entrepreneur who is aware of the possible impacts of natural and other hazards in the operation tries to reduce the exposure of their company by transferring part of the risk to the insurance company.

Appreciating your investments in the business facilities, equipment and employees, we approach your property with utmost care and offer full insurance for your business.

The exposure to individual risks, among other things, depends on the activity, the location in which the company is located. Therefore, to shape the insurance product, it is necessary to consider several different factors. By insuring your property, you reduce the impact of any of the insured harmful events on your business.

We offer insurance of the entire property against the most significant risks to which it is exposed on a daily basis:

  • Insurance against fire and other hazards;
  • Insurance of machinery against breakage;
  • Insurance of computers;
  • Glass breakage insurance;
  • Business interruption insurance;
  • Construction All risk insurance;
  • Insurance against theft and robbery;
  • Insurance of buildings under assembling.

Contact the Insurance and Reinsurance Department and the Sales Department, where our offer will be fully presented to you and, at the same time, the most suitable insurance for you and your business will be indicated.

And you can always choose the solution for full insurance of your business – BUSINESS COMPLETE from Eurolink.