Travel insurance

The travel brings beautiful moments, but also risks of experiencing an accident or suffering damage. Why risk your business deal falling through, your vacation falling through or not seeing a friend?

Achieve your goal regardless of the risks – with the travel insurance from Eurolink Insurance, you get a sense of security during your trip and a guarantee of maximum compensation for damages. Our insurances are tailored according to world standards and adapted exactly to your needs.

Taking into account the new circumstances, Eurolink Insurance has adapted its travel insurance in order to meet the challenges of the pandemic and help its customers to travel carefree again! Starting from 01.10.2020, with amendments and additions to the Conditions for travel insurance, we also provide coverage from COVID-19, and:

  • Extended travel insurance coverage to cover costs of treatment for COVID-19 in an emergency;
  • Additional coverage of all travel expenses for unplanned return to the country due to treatment of COVID-19 in an emergency. Travel expenses for transportation will be covered for the insured, members of the immediate family and the vehicle they traveled with if, due to treatment, return by vehicle is not possible.

With our travel insurance policies you also get discount for PCR COVID-19 test in the largest certified laboratories for issuing a travel test. For more information on discounted testing call 02/15888, we are available 24/7. 

In order to meet your specific needs, you can choose any of the following coverage packages:

Risks covered by travel insurance Optimum Premium


Costs of treatment due to illness or accident, including COVID-19

Early return to the country due to illness or death of a close relative

Returning remains to the country
Return of minor children to the Republic of North Macedonia
Reimbursement of telephone expenses
Visiting a patient hospitalized abroad – transportation and accommodation in a hotel
Extension of stay upon doctor’s recommendation – accommodation in a hotel
Luggage – theft, damage and destruction  
Luggage – theft, in motor vehicles  
Baggage – late arrival abroad  
Costs for reissuing passport, driver’s license and traffic certificate  
Transfer of business colleagues    
Early return due to a serious accident at home    
Early return due to serious accident in business premises, factory    
Reimbursement of expenses due to flight delay or cancellation    
Returning a motor vehicle    

Eurolink Insurance also offers a special additional package for travel insurance Ski package. The ski package cover is valid for the winter sports of skiing and snowboarding, if you are practicing exclusively as an amateur.

Risks covered by the insurance are the following:

  • Delay, loss or theft of ski equipment (skis, boots, poles, snowboard) during transport;
  • Illness or injury during winter holiday;
  • Closing of ski slopes;
  • Avalanche or landslides.

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