Property Insurance – what it is and why do you need it?

Property insurance offers material security for our biggest investments – real estate, household goods, electronic equipment. Every day we are faced with situations that are mostly out of our control, such as the danger of fire, theft, water spillage from the installations or damages that may occur in the neighborhood, and at the same time include our property. That is why, at Eurolink insurance, we have created offers for different types of property insurance according tailored to your needs, with which you will be able to feel secure and safe for your future in any situation.

Depending on your needs and possibilities, you can choose insurance for only basic risks or extend them with additional risks.


  • Fore and lightning strike
  • Water spillage form household installations 
  • Explosion, except nuclear
  • Storm and hail
  • Damage from aircrafts
  • Events and demonstrations 


  • Flood, torrent and high water
  • Landslides
  • Land subsidence
  • Avalanche
  • Earthquake
  • Burglary and robbery
  • Glass from breaking
  • Third party liability insurance
  • Expenses for necessary accommodation

Select from:

Contact your insurance consultant who will present our offer in full or buy a DOMI Package Insurance policy for your home through our web shop.